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At Desired Line Co. we realise that individual personality is the root of creativity in this world.

Whether you have a cool design idea or would like to promote your own business.

 Let us mock it up for you. If we have already this is our portal to make it easy for you to pay! Make sure you let us know your order number so we know what cover to make!

Desired Line Co. headcovers are all made with a very high quality heavyweight Polyester Canvas that has been carefully treated with a weather proof nano fabric protection. The use of Polyester Canvas makes our covers very durable and gives them a very classy, matte look.

Desired Line Co. headcovers also features a strong elastic inner lining with just the right amount of strength to never fall off or jolt off your Driver, but easy enough to slide off when you’re teeing off. This headcover style fits almost all current Drivers.

Key Features:

  • Heavyweight Polyester Canvas treated with High Quality UV Fabric Protection

  • Fits Most Popular Models of Drivers

  • Made in Australia